Empowering women to pioneer their own destinies


I went to a liberal arts college, and we lived in a bubble where succeeding in life equaled getting a consulting or Banking offer. My smartest and most ambitious friends were all overlooking their passions for dance, or healthcare, or psychology, and instead focusing their energy on getting the right corporate job, which often meant choosing extracurricular activities and internships that were all part of "the path" to landing a full-time offer in these firms. 

The decisions we make early in our careers hugely shape the rest of our career trajectory. My friends, and other talented young women, have let life happen to them, ignoring their genuine passions and going with the flow. They chose unfulfilling jobs that were part of a traditional career path. I wanted to build a platform that would expose more millennial women to the possibility of building their own companies, by giving them access to mentors and resources to get off the ground. Anyone can choose to create their own destiny and pursue their passion, whether in fashion, healthcare, or education and still make money by going against the flow and becoming an entrepreneur. 

There are many ways of doing big things: one can work for the government, be a small fish in a big company, or build a company. Many women have built their own companies and succeeded, and in this day and age, it is possible for anyone from any part of the world with access to a computer, to build a product that can make the world a better place. 

Will you dare to be an entrepreneur? 

--Charu Sharma

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Every year for the past thirty years, more women than men have graduated from college. Women are entering the workforce in equal numbers than men, but women still:



Gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers

Companies with more women on their board are more successful

When given a position of power, women will work to empower others and are more likely to give back to their communities