Charu is a US-based Indian explorer, entrepreneur, and author. With 5 National Awards, expeditions to all 7 continents, over 600 stage shows, and three books in progress, this prodigy was enlisted as a "Power Woman alongside such notables as Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Gandhi, and Melinda Gates by Youth Incorporated magazine in March 2012. 

Charu built two-award winning startup companies out of her dorm room before getting recruited to LinkedIn. She has since dedicated her time to bringing together audacious women entrepreneurs through her book, documentary film, and Huffington Post interview series with the goal to inspire more millennial women to build their own startup companies.

Pauline is a San Francisco native who enjoys traveling, cooking, and connecting with others through languages. She has experience in sustainable food and marketing and enjoys hearing and telling the rich stories that make up a community.

Growing up with a working mother and a stay-at-home father, Pauline recognized at an early age the importance of female leadership. She hopes that by following the success stories of others who have come before them, more women can be inspired to use the tools they have to define success on their own terms. 

     PAULINE CHIQUET , Marketing/PR

     PAULINE CHIQUET, Marketing/PR

ANNIKA HUQ , Social Media

ANNIKA HUQ, Social Media

Annika grew up in New Jersey and currently works for the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Team in NYC, in addition to Go Against the Flow.

Annika is constantly looking for guidance and reassurance from female leaders around her as she goes through her own journey through the early stages of her career. There are many untold stories of successful women around the world that are filled with hard-learned lessons. No matter what age or field of work, she finds inspiration seeking out these stories. Annika would like to empower other women to shape their own narratives by providing an easily accessible, useful, and highly motivational community of audacious female entrepreneurs. 

Vivian is a design enthusiast from Portland, Oregon who studied at Mount Holyoke College and NYU Tisch School of the Arts. As a Biology and Art Studio major with a background in PR and Communications, she's a creative and analytical thinker who constantly strives to develop compelling and creative solutions to problems.

She strongly believes in the importance of supporting a movement of trailblazing women leaders, as we cannot afford to leave out half of society's future innovators. From a family of businesswomen who have struggled immensely to forge their paths, she is excited to be a part of a community that supports, motivates and pushes all of us to achieve new heights--in business and in life.

VIVIAN LEE , Creative and Outreach

VIVIAN LEE, Creative and Outreach

Raeshib is a filmmaker and sound designer based in Los Angeles. He enjoys working and collaborating in different aspects of film and television, and he has experience in media archiving and sound restoration for Deluxe Media and Walden Media. 





Candice started Agent Chill Entertainment to bring her passion for building meaningful and representative content to live and recorded video. She takes from her background in documentary film production and anthropology to create video with purpose. This means that she works on each project to visually express her clients' goals in an engaging way. 

Brian loves to see everything through a camera. He thinks it is fascinating to use an array of tools to manipulate and capture light and be able to express stories through this visual medium. He started Agent Chill Entertainment to tell those visual stories. With a background in media management and production, he understands how to create impactful communication tools with recorded and live video. It is both the creative and the technical challenges that inspire him to find the best applications for businesses and special events.

                   BRIAN BYRD , Film Editor

                   BRIAN BYRD, Film Editor